Sunday, August 29, 2010

Season 2 Episode 7: An interview with Rie Tanaka!

Well as promised, we're catching up with our back logs and we bring to you today our fun interview with Rie Tanaka! She happens to be one of Tasayu's favorite guests to date because she was born and raised in Hokkaido! (Sapporo to be more accurate). The chemistry happened pretty quickly to the point where some hilarity ensued, where they actually forgot to.. Ah you'll just have to watch and see in our interview with Rie Tanaka~

Could you believe it they forgot to their greetings lol, other hilarity did ensue but including it would make for too long a show! So lets get to some of our fun footnotes by first leading you to her website (which is in Japanese)!
And if you didn't know aside from voice acting Rie has released several albuns and singles as well you can check them out here:
Finally here is a video of Rie performing live the song that plays at the end of this episode!

Song: Shizukana Yoru Ni (In this Quiet Night), from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
See you next あ!PoN!

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