Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tokyo Mirror Episode 1: Tokyo Anime Fair 2009

あ!PoN presents the new series Tokyo Mirror, with our inaugural episode covering the Tokyo Anime Fair of 2009. While not the first TAF that あ!PoN has been to, this time we bring you an overall look at some of the exhibitors and activities at the show itself.

Show notes and other things we couldn't mention on camera:
  • Production IG is rolling out 3 OVA series based on popular Japanese historical figures, two of which are Miyamoto Musashi and to coincide with the live action movie, Goemon.
  • The Mame Shiba "Bean Puppies" will be airing an animated series in Japan this October.
  • SONY and Aniplex own one third of the world.
  • There are at least 3 reputable universities in the Tokyo area that offer degrees in illustration and animation.
  • Patrick Macias likes old school Kung Fu.
  • Ed Chavez of the Mangacast knows what to order at Okinawan eateries.
  • One half of the Ninja Consultants was the camera operator when the Angry Otaku was on cam.
  • The ending segment of this piece was cut off due to noise from helicopters. It was also filmed from the Angry Otaku's apartment balcony.
Musical Notes: あ!PoN Tokyo Mirror's opening theme is "COCOLOGAME" and is graciously provided by Okayama’s own hip-hop artist Youth, from label Karass Castle.

(It's the 2nd song of 2 in the whole vid. Starts at 3:48).

, along with artists from High Life Records are worth checking out, and we’ll be bringing you more later on.

あ!PoN gives props where props are due, to the Planet Japan Podcast and Gomyo of the Hoodie Monks for helping us find such talented musical artists.

あ!PoN Tokyo Mirror
is a new series of episodes where we take advantage of our prolonged presence in Tokyo and other areas of Japan. Get ready for more interviews, anime news, and video you won't see anywhere else.

In the Hopper:

Interview: Ai Kawashima
Interview: Satoshi Kon
Interview: Rie Tanaka
Interview: Yoshitaka Amano

Special: Life Size Gundam (it's not even up yet, but we'll be there, when it's up!)


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