Sunday, May 17, 2009

Season 2 Episode 6: An interview with Ai Kawashima!

It's May in NYC and you know what that means (No not Golden Week that's Japan)! Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and JAPAN DAY 2009 in NYC! Which brings Team あ!PoN to welcome our second J-POP sensation Ai Kawashima! Known in Japan for having an "Angelic Voice" which brings hope and peace with her music. Team あ!PoN was able to catch up with her at Kinokuniya's Flagship store in NYC to have a very fun one on one. So sit back and enjoy both the music and talk with this young and very talented singer named Ai Kawashima~

Season 2 Episode 6: An interview with Ai Kawashima! from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.
So as you can see at the age of twenty-three Ai Kawashima has already accomplished so much! Her dreams of world peace has lead her to write books and help established schools for poor countries outside of Japan. Now we know why she has an angelic voice. To learn more about Kawashima Ai visit her website:
And as we heard some of Ai's songs have been used as theme songs for anime and videogames those songs are.
If you want to hear more of Ai Kawashima's music before she went solo check out her albums when she was part of the group "I WiSH"!
Now if you missed her at the Sakura Matsuri Festival on May 2nd, fear not! You can catch her at JAPAN DAY 2009 May 31st in Central Park NYC! For more information on JAPAN DAY 2009 go to there website:
And that wraps up our show notes for あ!PoN Season 2 Episode 6! So come back and check up with us soon cause we'll have plenty more to bring you, it's been a good summer so don't forget to check out also our "TOKYO MIRROR" segments from the "Angry Otaku" bringing us what's hot in Japan for you to hear! Get ready it's gonna be a blast!

Oh yea and if you guys were wondering about "Ainori" here is the link you can check out! Just click on the pink bus!

THIS JUST IN! We just received links from the folks at "SAMURAI BEAT RADIO" who help set up our interview with Ai Kawashima. You can catch their radio interviews in the links below!


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Wow impressive, your guests are cool. I like how they open up to you! nice.

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