Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Season 2 Episode 4: An interview with T.M.Revolution!

The long awaited あ!Pon interview with Takanori Makes Revolution, better known to American otaku as T.M.R.! We were granted this interview courtesy of the fine people at SONY Music, The New York Comic Con, and of course Takanori-san himself. This interview took place in March of 2008, and was delayed because of the long drawn-out move our very own Angry Otaku had to make from New York to Tokyo.

Due to the terms set up by the people involved, this will be our first episode that contains an audio only interview, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have fun, so make sure you watch the end!
Season 2 Episode 4: An interview with T.M.Revolution! from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.
T.M.R. seems to have quite the affinity for Broadway Musicals including Wicked (which is now playing in Japan!), as well as Guitar Hero and Rock Band of all things. He also lists some of his musical tastes and the story of how the name of T.M.Revolution was chosen.

For more information on T.M.R. and his albums go to his official website "HERE"

The good news is that a new episode is coming up, and we'll be gutsy and actually give a date this time. Look for another interview from an Anime Voice Actress coming here on the 2nd!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent show! Your so lucky to have the chance to interview TMR! I saw him at Otakon he was great! Glad your show is back! Looking forward to more!

David S. said...

That was great! An audio interview never looked so cool! I can't wait to download this for my iPod! My friend showed me this on his iphone and it looked so cool! You guys in NYC are awesome! I wish TMR came to Canada!