Sunday, September 28, 2008

あ!PoN at New York Anime Festival 2008

Another year has almost gone by and it’s time for us to bring you the New York Anime Festival once again!

This year there may be some question marks as to the state of the industry, but with the amount of attendees willing and able to make it to the show (in the rain) has grown considerably, which seems to indicate that the fandom itself is going strong.
The NYAF seems to have everything an anime con usually has, video rooms, panels, the press, dealers, industry, and cosplayers up the ying-yang. But in addition to that, NYC has shown its continuing desire not to be outdone by anyone and is hosting some non-traditional guests such as Iron Chef Morimoto, Gaijin Japanese musical act Happy Fun Smile, and the well known Japanese fashion entity Baby the Stars Shine Bright. There were also those Jedi cosplayers, manga artist Rica Takashima made a very incognito appearance on the con floor, and we’re not sure but we can almost swear we saw the lead singer of Jackyl wandering around (you know, that guy who plays the chainsaw as a musical instrument?).
Why does !PoN go to these things? Well aside from adding more convention badges to our collection, we show up to interview anime luminaries, and this show does not disappoint. We’ve been able to sit down with:
Artist and designer Yoshitaka Amano, and the Creator of Vampire Hunter D Hideyuki Kikuchi (you’ll be able to listen to them banter together about who’s version of D is the best).
Voice talent Corinne Orr of original Speed Racer fame.
And only our second Japanese female Seiyuu in our interview series, Rie Tanaka.
Look for all these and more coming from the anime video podcast that all the other podcasters watch: !PoN. (well most of them anyway).
Calling all Japanese speakers: You think you can translate spoken Japanese words into English subtitles on the fly like we make the Angry Otaku do for all of these interviews? Think you can help us out in exchange for some free swag, e-points, and the possibility of being an !PoN correspondent at upcoming conventions (read: you’ll get in for free)… Then for the love of all things holy contact us and let us know. We’re looking for a few good translators that can help us out with our backlog of interviews that won’t be seen anywhere else.
FYI: robot girl Aiko lives here.

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