Saturday, July 19, 2008

Season 2 Episode 2: Anime voice actor Rachael Lillis!

!Pon Season two continues. Our latest episode has us sitting down with Rachael Lillis at the New York Anime Festival. Now for those of you too young to remember, The New York Anime Festival happened way back in December of 2007, where America’s largest city hosted the first of what will be undoubtedly many anime events from Reed Exhibitions.
Rachael Lillis is perhaps best known for providing the English voice of “Jessie” (Musashi) and “Misty” (Kasumi) of the famous Pokemon series, as well as characters in English language productions of Slayers, Irresponsible Captain Tyler, KO Century Beast, Kare Kano, and quite a few more. As usual the Anime News Network’s encyclopedia is the perfect resource to check out for a complete list of titles Rachel Lillis has appeared in.

We’d like to thank Rachael for making time for us over that whirlwind weekend of a convention, and answering questions that she may have been asked many times before. She is the first of a one-two punch of local New York City vocal talent we will bring you. Next episode: あ!Pon brings you the multi-talented Lisa Ortiz!

Interestingly enough, both Rachael and Lisa have both had to provide English voices for anime characters that were voiced in original Japanese by the queen of all seiyuu, Megumi Hayashibara.

A New York City あ!Pon interview trifecta is now in play, and you may be surprised what local anime/manga personality we have for our number 3 spot... one hint, they’re not a voice-actor. So keep watching and wait and see.

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