Friday, April 18, 2008

NY Comic Con VIZ Exclusive Story with Stan Lee

A special episode of あ!PoN coming to you from the New York Comic Convention where VIZ has just made a major announcement regarding upcoming publishing plans.

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In attendance were none other than the one and only Stan Lee, the closest thing to a living national treasure us Americans will ever have, who announced and showed off the upcoming Ultimo publication, talking about its production history, and giving away signed copies for those lucky enough to get one. If you live anywhere near a Kinokunia, then we suggest you pick this thing up as soon as you possibly can.

Next up was an exclusive announcement, one that you will only hear and see here first! It has to do with Viz, Shonen Jump, and simultaneous publishing. Think you know? Then watch this episode!

(C)2008 by Stan Lee - POW! Entertainment / Dream Ranch, Hiroyuki Takei / Shueisha Inc.

(C)2008 by Stan Lee - POW! Entertainment / Dream Ranch, Hiroyuki Takei / Shueisha Inc.

Is is just me or does it look like Stan is gonna commit せっぷく here? -TAO

Watch this space for more items from the New York Comic Con, and pop-culture brought to you by あ!PoN!


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