Friday, February 1, 2008

February's Flashback Fridays Starts Now!

Now before the grand finale of the spectacular first season of or あ!PoN as it has fondly become, we present to you with Flashback Friday! For those of you who remembered, last year our own Tasayu Tasnaphun had travel on assignment to Tokyo, Japan to report on the many happenings from the far east. Luckily for those who didn't have the Anime Selects channel we have been cleared to show you what happened during those mysterious 4 days of missions and adventure! So here begins the 1st installment of February's Flashback Friday, starting with day one of the Tokyo Adventure and with special behind the scenes commentary by Tasayu himself! (Which would be where our show notes are after the vid)!

Hey all Taz here! So even tho this is an overview of what happened I let you in on a few inside fun so bare with me as I unravel the behind the scenes of Tokyo Day 1! Starting with:
@Home Maid Cafe (Site in Japanese): So they started me right of in the heart of Akihabara land of the Otaku! And the current (even now) trend of the MAID CAFE! Now I must say this was a trip having chocolate bear cake for breakfast, and playing a game with a maid! Totally innocent and safe but pure heaven for the otaku men. They had me dress up like a butler as well and I see the only reason for having butlers? They act like bouncers for the all male clientel. A pic of me in butler mode and with camera crew can be found here! Now onto some real food at~
Asakusa Shrine: This was truly awesome although some parts were being renovated the crowd was immense! I got to learn how to drink from the purifying fountain (which incidentally pigeons were swimming in lol). And learn to see what my fortune was which was BAD! (don't worry we went back near the end and I got big fortune so yay)! The classic food was amazing and I highly recommend the Takoyaki (which as in the video I really BURNED my tongue! So remember kids, octopus balls are HOT)! The people were great to talk to and the oh so many random "gaijin"! The crew at the shine pic is here! Oh yea I also burned my tongue on the hot sweet sakura sake as well, man I need to slow down. But there was plenty of time to recover as I headed to~
Shibuya: This won't be my first time here but, man looking for "Engrish" there is like shooting fish in a barrel some hilarious fines! You can see my list of what I found here! This was relatively a first day mission thing so they kept it light and my work was mostly me being me. Although I must say one cool thing in Japan? It's a lot like New York no one really gets surprised by a bunch of foreigners with cameras on a train as you can see in the pict below (you just have to love cities)!

Well that about wraps up some of the things from Day 1, check back next Friday for day two of this fun flashback series! We'll be back next week with the season finale episode with Paul Gravett Pt.2 !

REMEMBER: There is still a chance for you to become this year's TOKYO REPORTER! for Anime Selects! To participate get your videos ready and go HERE to see how to enter! Time's ticking deadline is FEBRUARY 15,2008!

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