Friday, February 15, 2008

February's Flashback Fridays Part III

An I'm back, and we are traveling back to day three of my Tokyo Adventures, I know part two of our season finale has yet to air, but there is a good reason! A very good reason and that's cause our Team A has been swamped with a ton of need attention projects (remember they also have other work)! So hopefully they'll be back sooner than later, but until then let's continue with our nostalgic "Flashback Fridays"!

So as you can see this was the day that we hit TAF (Tokyo International Anime Fair)! and boy o boy was it a blast! Aside from all the great shwag I walked away with it was really fun interviewing random people from all over the world! Canada, France, Korea, Thailand, Spain everyone was here! And man was it large, we got to hang in the press room where we got to hand with actual press (weird cause I kept forgetting that I was press as well lol). We did get to shoot this in the press room. The set ups were great and the floor was wide open with some of the best new anime which by now you have probably seen already! So after a few hours there it was back on the van to:

Studio Gonzo! Which btw was a two and half hour van ride from Tokyo to a modest building front that looked more like a paper warehouse then a top animation studio. Talk about stealth, it was pretty much located right in the middle of a regular rural neighborhood. So after a tour within Gonzo I got to interview the president of Gonzo himself Shin Ishikawa, which hopefully we will air here soon enough! He speaks amazing English and has this suave Hugh Grant vibe. He let us in on the ins and outs of the industry and where Gonzo was going in the future which for now is hush hush.

That pretty much was our work hours but of course we decided an early day means early partying in Shinjuku! Hell yea we hit up some kaiten sushi and then went off to drink and karaoke, tis great times when you do a hard day of work, cause you know your gonna play twice as hard lol (shhh)... Here are two pics from the aftermath, you can go to the site to see some of the fun videos I caught with my camera. Tee hee... 1st the crew having some nummy Kaiten Sushi and Sake!

and of course KARAOKE a prelude of day four's work!

Oh wait one more before I go~ Our awesome camera guy taking pictures with some "Center Guys" in Shinjuku! (Kind of like Hosts)!

So that's the crazy for this week's Flashback Friday, hope everyone has a safe weekend! Until next week!

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The Angry Otaku said...

I could do that standin on my head... but I'm too fat, so they wouldn't take me. Ah, show biz.