Friday, February 8, 2008

February's Flashback Fridays Part II

Welcome back to Part 2 of Flashback Friday! The journey to the past now continues so check it out. (Apologies for not having the second part of Gravett up we have been so busy this week).

Well this was interesting, going to check out the Tokyo Metro Building and seeing all the fun things up there it was sweet! I got to interview two graduates and they were in full kimonos really cool! click HERE for pic of the tower. The inside of the Tokyo Metro was really really huge and going up popped my ears! The view was amazing and seeing how the city was laid out was really neat. I saw Bill Murry's hotel from "Lost in Translation" and it's cool, but the next stop after that was:

Sanrio Puroland! Hello Kitty and Badbadz they were all there! It's so pink it made me sick lol, Imagine Disneyland but like smaller and old. Hehe we had food in Hello Kitty Land's Swedish Cafe and man o man the buffet was awesome. And by the end of the trip I met with:

Hello Kitty at Hello Kitty's house, man was she cute but after that insanity the good folks of Anime Selects took me to the:

Sawanoi Sake Place! This place was phenomenally old and i meant +200 years old! And smelled of sweet sake, we went on a whole tour and learned on the greatness of Sake making and then at the end of it all we drank SAKE! To the point of us getting sick! That was pretty much day two!

REMEMBER: There is still a chance for you to become this year's TOKYO REPORTER! for Anime Selects! To participate get your videos ready and go HERE to see how to enter! Time's ticking deadline is FEBRUARY 15,2008!

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