Friday, February 22, 2008

February's Flashback Fridays FINALE!

Well here we are! The final flashback of the Tokyo Reporter Series! A found day of singing, interviews, and KARAOKE! Let's get rolling!

Well folks as you can see they saved the best for last for me! Tokyo Tower! This was really cool and some of the pics I got from here were amazing! A definite hotspot when your in Japan! The night view was beautiful! I interviewed many cool people here and a few Thai ones as well! There was this one family that actually came up the stairs to the top of the Tower and was all sweaty, it was really cute and we had him on interview as well! So after the edutainment part of the segment we went down to the tourist lobby had some McDonalds and then tried to film their wax museum, which was not at all like Madame Tassauds ! But still quite grand and cool, what we didn't show you was at the exit of the wax gallery there was a really kick ass house of the dead game booth that was full enclosure and motion reactive! Kinda creepy but we were already off to:

Shibuya! Looking for a place to show off some Karaoke fun! Luckily after a few interviews and some awkward moments we found the place Bill Murray did his Karaoke scene in Lost in Translation! Awesome!! Cameras were prohibited but thanks to Euralis Weeks, I had my own Taz Cam to film the insides of the place. Now what you didn't see was, I actually did two takes one with "Ready Steady Go!" and another with "Living La Vida Loca" which was insane and a bit to embarrassing to put up! LOL. So before I run here are some lovely Japan Pics from the last day:
A very confused Tokyo Crowd (Me with the orange bag) lol:

And a very special Thanks for all who watched from the entire crew!!

Well folks that's it for me for Flash Back Fridays! If you want to see more head over to the TOKYO REPORTER BLOG HERE! But stay tuned tho' when we find out who the winner is we'll post it right here! Good luck to whoever becomes the next TOKYO REPORTER!

Stay tuned our regularly broadcasted shows will return back on schedule as soon as we figure out what that schedule is! We are spread so thin right now that it seem we cant keep up with all our content! Ahhh! Bare with us we promise you Gravett will be up soon so we can finally launch season 2 of ANIMEPODCAST.NET!

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