Monday, December 10, 2007

NYAF 07 Day Three

It's the last day of the festival. Here are a few highlights of the last day events and people's thoughts on the festival in general!

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DAY THREE Dec 9, 2007

Wow was that something. We were lucky enough to get the captain of the entire ship aside for a moment, Mr. John McGeary of Reed Exhibitions and get the real scoop on how things were going, and what next year’s plans are. They’re currently deciding about next year’s date as you can see, so if you have some input you'd like to give them, now is the time to let them know.

Talking to even the most negative of anime fandom pundits yielded some words of approval and encouragement, so if even AWO’s resident grumpy Otaku has a good thing to say about the show, then they must have done something right.

There is a disturbingly surprising amount of people of all ages out there that are quite adept at the Haruhi SOS dance as we saw it performed en masse all day in front of the Bandai table.

We gave the microphone to The Angry Otaku and let him lose. We’re not sure if that was a good idea or not, but there haven’t been any police reports filed so we’re thinking everything’s ok.

Our tree is bigger than yours.

Don’t go too far, as we’ll have plenty of content coming up as soon as we recover from the lack of sleep! We'll have full reports on the New York Anime Festival coming to you soon!


Drawn by Pain said...

I enjoyed your podcasts. We should have said hello from our booth :)

Jesse Cowell

The Angry Otaku said...

I saw your booth, and read your NY Times Article. If you are based in NYC, we can always get together for an interview.