Saturday, December 8, 2007

NYAF 07 Day One

E here! It's been a long but fun day! We got tons of great interviews. Here's a short peek of what's to come...

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DAY ONE was Dec 7, 2007. Luckily there was no need for “infamy” regarding the NY Anime Festival, as the event got underway and proceeded without a hitch from the standpoint of the attendees. Friday being open only to professionals for the first part of the day, gave anime business some much needed breathing space to try and get a few things done before the large crowds showed up. Hopefully in the future we’ll start hearing announcements about anime co-productions that have been worked here in New York at the event itself.

We’ve got some great interviews lined up for you, including our second interview with none other than the Convention’s guest of honor Kobun Shizuno. Watchers of this program may remember we talked to Shizuno-san last time he was in our area, back in 2006.

The NY Anime Festival knows what it’s doing, and everything that an anime convention should have is here, along with plenty of helpful staff, ample printed programs, great con merchandise, and lots more to come.

Friday was a blast, and things are just getting warmed up.

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