Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Episode Eleven: Shusuke Kaneko

We tracked down legendary kaiju movie director Shusuke Kaneko at the Japan Society. Mr. Kaneko recently directed the two live-action Death Note movies.

Episode Eleven: Shusuke Kaneko from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.

We were lucky to sit down with him for a bit and talk about directing Death Note and Death Note 2, as well as his background in Kaiju films (Japanese monster movies).

Shusuke Kaneko also worked on some anime titles early in his career, and was in a college club with none other than anime director Mamoru Oshii (we'll try to interview him as well).

This interview was conducted in conjunction with PopCultureShock and with special thanks to Subway Cinema.

To see the interview there, check out www.popcultureshock.com, because we told them they could post it first (aren't we nice?).

Death Note: The Anime, is about to hit US airwaves on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and Cananda's YTV. Check you local listings!

Coming up next, is a sit-down discussion with the author of the new book: MANGA: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics, Paul Gravett.

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