Friday, March 16, 2007

A!PoN NEWS! T going Tokyo Anime Fair!

In our renewed and deep rooted need within us to prove that we are more otaku than you, we have our own Tasayu landing a sweet gig covering the Tokyo Anime Fair for Anime Selects!

While in Tokyo he's going to get the skinny on every bit of anime gossip one needs to know, along with taking some awesome side adventures around the city!
Check out the Anime Select's site and show Taz love, anime style! (what that is I don't really wanna know. LOL!)
Good Luck Tasayu!
We'll be checking in on you to see how you fair!
...and bring me one of those good luck cats!

~A!PoN Crew


Anonymous said...

I just saw your animeselects spots it was awesome! great job

Anonymous said...

I saw you at Otakon too... you get around.