Saturday, September 16, 2006

Episode Six: Robotech Returns! A talk with Tommy Yune.

Brought to you a week early, because we just can’t keep this one under wraps any longer. Bringing old school back to live, is Mr.Tommy Yune, the director of the new production Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

Episode Six: Robotech Returns! A talk with Tommy Yune. from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.
Robotech was one of the first titles to bring you into anime way back there in the era that paleontologists call "the 1980's", then you probably noticed that it looked a little disjointed, and that was because what we all knew of as “Robotech” was actually a few separate Japanese series (called Macross) edited together to make a completely separate story line. Now if the name Carl Macek doesn't ring any bells for better or worse, and you get a confused look on your face when someone humms "Robotech, to the Rescue!" then here is your chance to stop feeling left out.


• Tommy Yune co-directed Robotech The Shadow Chronicles along with Dong-Wok Lee of DR Movie.

Harmony Gold

The Korea Society in New York.

• Mr. Yune mentions he’s a fan of the Masamune Shirow anime Black Magic M66. (An anime which we love here at あ!PoN as well!)

Tommy Yune official site.

Our thanks to Mr. Tommy Yune and Mr. Kevin McKeever of Harmony Gold, and to the staff of The Korea Society, who were gracious enough to allow us the extra time to conduct this interview.

Come back in two weeks for more anime news and interviews and send us your comments in the mean time.

Until then, don’t take any wooden yen, and avoid the expired sushi.

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