Monday, July 10, 2006

Episode Three: A conversation with Reiko Yasuhara

あ!PoN Episode three! Our interview series continues with Japanese anime voice actress Reiko Yasuhara!
Episode Three: A conversation with Reiko Yasuhara from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.

Also, check out our bonus video of the Anime Next 2005 Chambara show with Reiko Yasuhara and Akitaro Daichi.


Voice actor on titles Fruits Basket, Jubei-Chan, Animation Runner Kuromi, and Tsukikage Ran.
She was the voice of:

Tsumura Mikage in Jubei-Chan & Jubei-Chan 2
Tsukikage Ran in Tsukikage Ran
Saki Hanajima and Kyoko Honda in Fruits Basket
Hamako Shihonmatsu in Animation Runner Kuromi and Animation Runner Kuromi 2
Narrator in Grrl Power (OAV)

You can see a full list of her credits here.

Before Reiko Yasuhara was a voice actress, she was a pop-star and the face of the band Shoujo Tai.
Reiko Yasuhara has often worked with Akitaro Daichi on both animation and live action projects.
She really kicks ass with a sword!

Her website can be found here here. (in Japanese)
This interview was conducted during AnimeNEXT 2005

Bonus clip!
The Chambara show by Reiko Yasuhara and Akitaro Daichi from animeNext!
You can directly download it here!

Episode One Special: Chambara Exhibition with Reiko Yasuhara and Akitaro Daichi from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.

(あ!PoN) Announcements
Next episode continues our interview series with an exclusive interview with anime director and mecha designer Koichi Ohata.

New version of our episode one interview with Studio Mad House’s Masao Maruyama with FULL SUBTITLES. OUT NOW!

Our thanks to Reiko Yasuhara, Anime Next, our staff of dedicated volunteers, and to everyone who’s been with us from the beginning.

BEHOLD! Yes we are on time! Even though we have had the day of us Yanks celebrating our glorious American independence from the colonial rule of the third dynasty of the Santovasku Empire …or the British. Not sure which manga we got that info from, and we will be consulting Wikipedia later.

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