Monday, July 24, 2006

Episode Four: Koichi Ohata!

あ!PoN Episode Four! In this episode we bring you an exclusive interview with mecha designer and anime directorKoichi Ohata.

Episode Four: Koichi Ohata! from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.
Large cities are odd places indeed, and just the other day one of our team was at Virgin Mega-store when who do they bump into but Mr. Koichi Ohata, who was kind enough to volunteer some of his time for this exclusive interview.

Here are just a few of the Productions that Mr. Ohata has worked on:

Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel Movie) : Director
Burst Angel (TV) : Director
Blue Gender The Warrior : Director
Cybernetics Guardian : Director & Mecha design
Genocyber (OAV) : Director
Macross II: Mechanical design
Yamato Takeru (TV) : Character Design, Mecha design
M.D. Geist (U.S. manga): Original creator
Ninja Robots: Character Design, Mecha design
G.I. Joe Sigma Six: Mechanical design

In addition to all of that, Mr. Ohata was the Mecha designer of both the Gunbuster anime and manga (we’re all about the old school here!).

You can see Mr. Ohata’s full credits here.

Show notes:
Kim’s Video is a chain of home media stores in NYC, made infamous in a 2005 anti-piracy raid. (And you thought that “FBI warning” was just for show…). Don’t worry, they’re still there.

Mr. Ohata was traveling with Mr. Kobun Shizuno, Series Director of G.I. Joe Sigma Six. An up and coming talented director, and the subject of our next interview.

Mr. Ohata worked together with Gunbuster director Hideaki Anno. Anno who would later direct Evangelion , Kare Kano, and the live action Cutie Honey among others.

Yes there really is a King Kong animated series.

Five Star Stories
G.I. Joe Sigma Six
Bakuratsu Tenshi / Burst Angel
Gunbuster Toy from Gainax site. (in Japanese only)
Gunbuster : Perfect Change figure at

This interview was conducted by the あ!PoN crew, at our base of operations in New York City.
Next Update in August! Interview with Mr. Kobun Shizuno.
Our thanks to Mr. Koichi Ohata and Mr. Shizuno.


Daryl Surat said...

I am continually impressed by the caliber of guests you manage to line up for your interviews. Though the name Koichi Ohata is not exactly synomymous with high quality (refer to my own review of his most well-known work in America, MD Geist, over at, but it's always interesting to get inside the heads of anime's creators. Even if they really do think that there exists a sizeable amount of fans in America who are willing to watch anime untranslated. :)

Minor technical issue with this episode: the audio only came out of the left channel. I think you had one audio track but instead of setting it to "Mono" it was set to "Left" or something. No big deal. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd say aside from MD Geist , he did some notable great Anime as well, Gunbuster, MS Gundam Char's and Burst Angel and so many more so he is high quality now no?

Great job and fix that audio! said...

Hey Daryl!
Thanks for the comment! We really appreciate it! I'm a fan of all you guys over at AWO. It's a great podcast! I heard the MD Geist review a couple of weeks back, it was hilarious!

And thanks for the heads up about the audio, we're fixing that ASAP. Its amazing the amount of technical stuff you got to do to get one of these things up, no? Well hopefully I'll see you guy's at a con sometime, while searching for THE TRUTH...

Anonymous said...

Gunbuster! I'm in heaven! Thanks for the link to the figure. I love Ohata-san's designs, but I seem to skew more toward the older ones than the more recent creations (hey, it says 'old school fan'). But seeing that style in a modern anime like Burst Angel was a refreshing reminder of what mecha used to be and why it was awesome.

And as far ad MD Geist goes... well, you can't hold one thing against a guy (he was younger then too) who's had a nice career no?

Daryl Surat said...

On the contrary, it's not one thing so much as "several," and it's not just at the start of his career. MD Geist is notoriously bad, but Cybernetics Guardian and to a slightly lesser extent Genocyber are about the same (and are sold bundled together!). Also, MD Geist 2 came out ten years after part 1 and is far worse than it. Similarly, the redone Director's Cut of MD Geist managed to be lamer than the original. His recent works such as Sadamitsu the Destroyer and Burst Angel are, in my opinion, not much better, and those were made about 15-20 years after MD Geist.

I would therefore say that as far as directing anime goes, Koichi Ohata's not all that. His REAL talent lies in his mecha designs: that's what his work on Gunbuster, Char's Counterattack, and such was, and it's that area where all his positive notable accomplishments lie. Heck, the mecha designs were the only good part of Macross II!

Next stop, Anime Festival Orlando. Then it's on to Otakon!

Anonymous said...

Can't reall yargue with that. But as an old school meccha fan, I have to stay in his corner, if nothing else than to see mor great designs coming.

As far as direction, yeah there's plenty better, but I would also say that there are some worse ones too.

See you at otakon maybe.

Anonymous said...

Man you guys do work fast! Nice fix!

Anonymous said...