Monday, June 26, 2006

Episode Two: A conversation with Akitaro Daichi

Welcome to the first regular bimonthly (as in twice a month, yeah every 2 weeks!) episode of (あ!PoN), and the 2nd in our interview series. This time we got a one on one sit-down with the great Akitaro Daichi!

Episode Two: A conversation with Akitaro Daichi from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo. Director of such great anime titles as Fruits Basket, Jubei-Chan, Animation Runner Kuromi, and a bunch of stuff you may have never heard of like Ojarumaru. Don’t believe us? Well then go check those dudes over at that other other anime website. You always believe them, right?

So check out what’s inside the head of a guy who’s made quite a career of directing anime for a living. Maybe you’ll find out something you never expected. Maybe you’ll see a ninja? (if any of these come true, don’t e-mail us… we already know).

His other credits include:
Creator & Director: Now & Then, Here & There
Director : Jubei-Chan & Jubei-Chan 2
Writer/Director : Tsukikage Ran
Director : Sugoiyo Masaru-san
Director : Kodomo no Omocha
Director : Nurse Angel Ririka
Director : Fairy Princess Ren
Director : Grrl Power (OAV)

For a full listing of Akitaro Daichi projects check out his IMDB and Anime News Network Listings.
His website can be found here HERE. (in Japanese)

This interview was conducted during AnimeNEXT 2005

The children's show Daichi worked on is Ojarumaru
What is Chambara?
Some of the other shows mentioned during the podcast are Urusei Yatsura
Lupin the III
Ganman no Hou Ken
Dokonjo Gaeru
Heckle & Jeckle
Tom and Jerry

(あ!PoN) Announcements:
Well hey there. You still reading down here? Well this is the first of a new section at the end of each update where we provide information to you about what is the happening here at あ!PoN. Things change around here faster than removable parts on last year’s boomers at a scrap metal sale, so check back often.
First: Next episode continues our interview series with voice actress Reiko Yasuhara, who has a mysterious past… will we kiss and tell? …no. but you should still watch anyway. She does things with swords!
Second: Our gallery is up! Check it out to see what we’ve been up to, convention photos, and other bits of visual anime good-ness.
Third: There is no Dana only Zuul!

And as always, our thanks go out to Mr. Akitaro Daichi, our crew, the staff of Anime Next, and you our viewer. We know you’ll never get these 5 or so minutes back, and you chose to use them up on this anyway. …need a hug? We didn’t think so.


Anonymous said...

that's cool.

and I know Reiko's secret for next time...

Anonymous said...

Ganman no Hou Kenではなく、ガンバの冒険(Ganba no bouken)ではないかと思います。